Electricity Synathis Dimitris
Electrical Installations - Automation - TV Antennas - Networks - Structured Cabling
- CCTV installations - Intercoms - Grounding - Faults - Thassos


Dimitris Synathis is a licensed electrician based on the island of Thassos, dealing with a wide range of electrical installations and services. With years of experience and professional dedication, Dimitris has earned his reputation as a reliable craftsman in his field.

Synathis Dimitris' specializations include:

Electrical Installations: It undertakes the design and installation of electrical systems for homes, industrial premises, hotels and business premises. It offers solutions that adapt to the needs and specifications of its customers, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Automation Panels: Dimitris undertakes the design and installation of automation panels for various applications. Automation panels are designed to automatically control and monitor various processes, improving plant performance and safety.

Antenna Installations: Undertakes the installation of antennas for televisions, satellite and terrestrial television signals. It ensures high-quality installations that ensure clear and stable reception of TV channels.

Anti-lightning / Foundation Earthing: Provides anti-lightning and foundation earthing services, ensuring the protection of buildings and facilities from the negative effects of lightning.


Communication Network Installations: Undertakes the installation of telephone networks, PC Data networks and structured cabling. It offers reliable communication solutions that adapt to the needs of its customers, ensuring seamless communication between devices.

CCTV and Alarm Facilities: Offers closed circuit television (CCTV) facilities for surveillance and security. It also undertakes the installation of alarm systems to protect buildings and facilities from unwanted intrusion.

Intercom - Video intercom installations: Undertakes the installation of intercom and video intercom systems for easy and safe access to buildings and facilities.

Dimitris Synathis is known for his professional precision, the quality of his work and his commitment to fulfilling the needs of his clients. If you are looking for reliable electrical services in Thassos and the surrounding area, Dimitris Synathis is the right professional for you.