Communication Network Facilities


Communication Network Facilities
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Dimitris Synathis is an experienced electrician based on the beautiful island of Thassos. Having dedicated himself to the field of telephone network installations, PC Data networks and structured cabling, Dimitris has gained a great reputation for his professional ability and expertise in these areas.

Dimitris Synathis has proven his technical skill and experience in many telephone network installation projects. It undertakes the design, installation and maintenance of telephone systems, ensuring high quality communication for its customers.

In addition, Dimitris specializes in the installation and maintenance of PC Data networks. No matter the size or complexity of the system, it can create reliable and efficient solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Another specialty of Dimitris is structured cabling. It undertakes the design and installation of cabling for telecommunications networks, data networks and other electronic systems. With his experience, he ensures the proper functioning of the wiring and achieves seamless signal transmission between the devices.

Dimitris Synathis is known for his professional consistency and commitment to the quality of the services he provides. It recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and offers personalized solutions that adapt to the needs of each customer.