Anti-lightning / Foundation Grounding


Anti-lightning / Foundation Grounding
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Dimitris Synathis, an experienced electrician based on the island of Thassos, specializes in lightning protection and foundation grounding. With many years of experience in his field, he has gained a reputation for reliability, technical proficiency and a professional approach.

Dimitris Synathis undertakes anti-lightning grounding, an important process for protecting buildings and facilities from the negative effects of lightning. Lightning arresters are a system that collects the electrical charge from a lightning strike and conducts it safely to the ground, thereby preventing the possibility of fire, structural damage, and even human injury.

In addition, Dimitris Synathis also undertakes foundation grounding, another important process in the field of electrical engineering. Foundation grounds are the system that connects a building to the ground, providing a safe path for the removal of short-circuit currents and protecting people and equipment from dangerous electrical discharges.